Saint Michael's College - Campus Map
Hofstra University - Campus Map
Catholic University of America - Campus Map

The Catholic University of America is a private university located in Washington, D.C. Working with CampusBird, they have created a map with extensive 2D renderings and virtual tours that explore their campus from anywhere.

Harvard Business School - Campus Map

Harvard Business School (HBS) began working with concept3D in 2012 to create vibrant content for its new interactive campus map. HBS utilized our custom streetview, 3D modeling, 2D graphic overlays, and map management system. 

Duke University - Campus Map

Interactive campus map utilizing the CampusBird Atlas mapping platform. This map is available in 2D as well as 3D using the Google Earth mode.

Abba Hair Care Website
AEGLive Paul McCartney Wrigley Field Promo
Best Buy SketchUp Training
NREL Building Component Library

Since 2009, concept3D has been collaborating with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), backed by the Department of Energy (DOE), on developing websites, web applications, and other tools to empower building engineers and auditors...

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Project Map
BolderBOULDER Running Race Map

Every Memorial Day, Boulder, CO hosts the BolderBOULDER - one of the country’s biggest 10k running races. This year, the Google Boulder office worked with the BolderBOULDER crew to present the course in Google Earth. With the addition of...

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Facebook Application

In collaboration with Heat, San Francisco, concept3D developed a Facebook app for EA Sports to help promote Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters - featuring the Augusta National game setting for the first time. The “Course View” app...

Brown University Google Earth Modeling
Satcon Solar Project Map
Hackley School - Campus Map

Hackley School is an independent, college-preparatory and boarding school for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Using custom streetview along with 3D modeling, they can show parents up-to-date school information.

Oakley 3D Models

Oakley mobile lab models were created referencing PDF's and photographs. The 3D models were created created to be used for event site planning.

Bosch Solar Map
Disney World Resort Game
Disney Weddings Virtual Properties
Hofstra University - Campus Map

Hofstra University, Long Island, New York’s largest private university, utlizes CampusBird's mapping platform to showcase their school to incoming students.

Marvell Technologies Solar Array Proposal

Elevated tracker system 3D model and array was created from a pdf of product images and 2D site layout. The 3D model and site layout was created using Google Earth imagery, Pictometry and client provided photos. The array location is accurately...

Gap SketchUp Training
Woodworking Floor Design

Wood floor template designed in SketchUp referencing hand sketches.  

United Business Media Interior Renderings

High-quality renderings that were used for virtual events and meetings.

218 Website

For AntennaWise (formerly Simuwise - logo and naming contribution by concept3D and studiovert) we designed and developed their new company site using the Drupal content management framework. The company provides analysis and tools that allow...

Disney Meetings Virtual Spaces
Air Force Academy Solar Array Proposal

Tracker system 3D model created from a pdf of the array layout, pdf of the tracker product, dwg of the tracker product and images of the tracker product. The 3D model of the site was created from Google Earth imagery and 3D content. The 3D model...

ESPN Wide World of Sports
RICOH Electronics Solar Array Proposal

Roof mount system 3D model was created from a pdf of the array layout and client provided dwg drawings. The 3D model of the site was created from Google Earth imagery and Pictometry. The 3D model of array was accurately placed on site specific 3D...

2010 Disney Marathon Interactive Course Map
Disneyland Resort Paris Interactive 3D Map

concept3D developed thousands of attractions in 3D and built a web overlay in Flash for Disney Resorts in Google Earth. Disney World and Disneyland Paris are widely recognized as the highest quality custom 3D content in Google Earth.

Sunpower/Exelon Chicago Far South Solar Project
Interior Layout Diagrams
Created 3D models from bubble diagrams for interior space analysis.
Walt Disney World Resort on Google Earth