Shell Point Retirement Community Launches 3D, VR-Ready Interactive Map

Florida’s Largest Retirement Community Taps atlas3D Platform to Improve Resident and Guest Experience with Interactive Media, 3D Models, Wayfinding and Virtual Tours

concept3D is excited to announce that Shell Point, the largest single-site continuing care retirement community in Florida and among the largest lifecare communities in the world, has launched our atlas3D platform.

atlas3D makes it possible for online visitors to virtually explore a detailed, 3D and mobile-ready map of Shell Point’s 600-acre campus, including five distinct neighborhoods, healthcare facilities, golf courses, and other amenities. Shell Point’s atlas3d interactive map includes VR-capable 360-degree panorama images, offering visitors the ability to explore real-life views from various campus locations.

Shell Point Retirement Community Bird's Eye View

Image Courtesy of Shell Point

View Shell Point Retirement Community’s interactive map at:

“Shell Point is a great example of the utility and flexibility of the atlas3D platform,” said Gordon Boyes, CEO of concept3D. “atlas3D serves as a powerful marketing and awareness tool, allowing clients and business partners to visit virtually, but the platform also supports the 2,400 residents and 1,000 staff who call Shell Point home. atlas3D offers many benefits for long term care, independent living and assisted living communities.”

Launched in 2016, atlas3D was built to help convention centers, event venues, resorts and hotels, hospitals, retirement communities, and other facilities and campuses improve marketing, sales and the guest experience with immersive media and interactive maps.

360 Degree Pano - The Beach

360 Degree Pano – The Beach

“Our residents are getting more savvy with technology and they will certainly appreciate a tool that guides them from location to location on our campus,” said Mike Haber, digital media manager at Shell Point. “atlas3D’s wayfinding capability was the immediate draw for us, but the map and interactive media have been valuable for depicting a bird’s eye view in print materials, or when scheduling an onsite visit. Residents, visitors and even staff find a lot of utility and functionality in atlas3d, and we often hear compliments about our beautiful map.”


View Shell Point Retirement Community’s interactive map at:

Click here to access and download images and the press release.


Shell Point – The Island


Wayfinding Tool and Multi-Floor View

Wayfinding Tool and Multi-Floor View


Woodlands Pool

Woodlands Pool – Click the image to visit the live 360

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Matt Bennett

The Convention Center Industry is Advancing Fast

By: Chris MunzChris Munz, concept3D VP of Business Development

I recently returned from IAVM’s International Convention Center Conference (ICCC) in Pasadena. It was a great event, and I learned a lot from both the speakers and from the colleagues who I got to meet for the first time or get to know a little bit better. The convention center industry is vibrant and fun to be a part of!

Here are a few of my big take-aways from the event.

atlas3D Platform Powering Minnesota HS Cycling League Maps

In Austin, Minnesota, a group of high school students, dressed in mountain biking gear, stand in in a semi-circle, gazing at a cell phone. While it may look like they are watching a YouTube video or checking social media, they’re actually using atlas3D’s map technology to scope out the terrain for their upcoming race.

RELEASE: concept3D Announces Integration of Ride Systems Live Transit Tracker

Live Transit Tracker Now Available with atlas3D and CampusBird Interactive Map Platforms

Map Visitors Now Able to View Routes, Real-time Bus and Shuttle Locations, Estimated Times of Arrival, and more

concept3D, a leader in location-based software and 3D media, along with Ride Systems, LLC today announced the integration of a live transit tracking system into its CampusBird and atlas3D interactive map and media platforms.

The live transit tracker, provided by Ride Systems, a leader in GPS tracking, gives atlas3D and CampusBird map visitors the ability to view routes, see real-time bus location along with estimated times of arrival.

IAVM Arena Management Conference 2016 in Tampa

By Chris MunzChris Munz, concept3D VP of Business Development

I just returned from one of the most spectacular conferences I’ve had the pleasure to attend as part of the concept3D team.

IAVM’s Arena Management Conference in Tampa, Florida brought together not only the industry’s top players, but also provided the opportunity to interact with many of the vendors and platforms that are driving the arena management industry in the digital age.

A big thank you to IAVM and all of the people who welcomed us to Tampa and showed us some of the premier venues and entertainment facilities Tampa has to offer.

atlas3D Profiled in Health Facilities Management and REALTOR Magazine

We’re proud that our atlas3D platform has been recently featured in some notable media outlets. Here are a few of the latest:

Hospital Wayfinding Bridges Digital Divide

Health Facilities Management, Neal Lorenzi

roswell-2“Madeline Hennessy, director of sales, concept3D Inc., Boulder, Colo., agrees that mobile-friendly wayfinding is a growing trend. “In our own data — comparing the first six months of 2016 to that of 2015 — we’ve seen a 10 percent increase in mobile traffic to our clients’ interactive maps. That’s a big jump and it’s only going to continue. Still, desktop represents more than 50 percent of our clients’ overall traffic.”

The company’s data also show that many people still want hard copy maps. They are using concept3D’s atlas3D interactive map and media platform to select specific buildings or directions so they can print out exactly what they need to get around a facility.”


New Mapping Tech Can Help Attract Clients

Innovations in modern cartography offer new tools for real estate professionals to connect with current and future clients.

REALTOR Magazine, Meg White

“…One such company is atlas3D, where programmers use the open-source OpenStreetMap system as a base upon which they stack professionally designed renderings Screenshot 2016-09-14 10.41.22of buildings, videos, interactive 3-D photography, and landscaping, to help tell the story of a place. They can bring in information about comps from an MLS and update data in real time. The maps they build can also easily be embedded on a brokerage’s website, which helps bring consumers back to your site.

“The interactive media draws people in and allows them to get a feel for the space,” says Madeline Hennessy, director of sales at concept3D Inc., the parent company of atlas3D. She notes that the ability to embed these assets into their maps is a real draw for the real estate industry. “Real estate pros could easily make a virtual tour of their most recent or most popular properties and send the map out by email to clients and promote it on their websites, social media, flyers, and any other channels they use.” Commercial real estate companies such as Keys Commercial in Boulder, Colo., and Highland-March Workspaces in the southern suburbs of Boston have used atlas3D’s services to highlight the location of available properties within the larger community. And entire cities such as Stapleton, Colo., and Ontario, Calif., use the maps to highlight what’s special about their areas in a new, interactive way.”


From health care facilities to commercial real estate, arenas, conference centers, senior living communities, and more, the atlas3D interactive map and media platform is a powerful tool to digitally profile your location. Contact us today to learn more.

Headed to 2016 ASHE in Denver? Visit concept3D at booth 1070

2016 ASHE LogoFor 2016 ASHE attendees, we’re offering a complimentary, 3D building rendering for your facility. Up to five renderings will be given away at the concept3D booth #1070. 

Booth 1070 is conveniently located near the food service area (map here – no, we didn’t build that one :)).

We’d welcome the chance to chat about your unique health care facility needs and provide a quick (and fun) demo of our recently launched atlas3D interactive mapping and media platform, a perfect solution for hospitals and health centers looking to profile their facility online and improve their visitor experience.

Learn more about how hospitals and health centers depend on the atlas3D platform. 

If you can’t make it to ASHE this year (or just want to get in touch) contact us here or call 303.569.4181.

Hope to see you at ASHE!

atlas3D Interactive Maps & Media

Interactive Hospital Maps – Meeting the Wayfinding & Visitor Needs at Health Centers

Interactive Hospital Maps – Meeting the Unique Wayfinding and Visitor Needs at Health Centers

Interactive hospital maps and media – such as video, virtual tours, and 360-degree photospheres – can improve your visitor experience.

Finding one’s way around a hospital or medical campus can be like finding your way through a labyrinth. But – aside from the everyday navigational challenges – health care facilities also have a high quantity of first-time patients and visitors arriving every day.

concept3D Announces CampusBird Gives Program – Partnering with Charities to Give Back

The concept3D team is excited to announce the launch of CampusBird Gives, a program designed to give back to the community through multiple charity partnerships.

CampusBird Gives Charity Program Logo

The new program launches with support for the “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County.

The mission of the “I Have a Dream” program is to motivate and empower children from low-income communities to reach their education and career goals by providing a long-term intervention program of mentoring, tutoring, and cultural enrichment. Upon graduation from high school, each Dreamer is eligible to receive a four-year tuition-assistance scholarship for college or vocational school.

“It’s exciting to get CampusBird Gives off the ground, and to be launching the program with The “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County, said concept3D founder and CEO, Oliver Davis. “We’ll be focusing on several other CampusBird Gives charity partnerships soon.”

The CampusBird Gives program will support several charities focused on the following:

– Women Leadership

– Veterans

– Arts and Literature

– Disadvantaged/Low Income Students

– Local Organizations in Boulder, Colo. and Minneapolis


With Shanghai, Disney Continues Interactive 3D Mapping Strategy

If you don’t live in a hole you certainly heard about the grand opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort – an impressive 963-acres pegged to be the future of the Disney theme parks franchise. 

With the official announcement came a flurry of discussion online, as well as virtual snapshots and POV videos of rides, attractions and amenities. Game on!

A strategy that Disney has applied to all of its resorts – and which can be applied to other resorts as well as facilities, parks and grounds of just about any purpose – is the use of stunning 3D interactive maps.

Sure, maps help on-site guests navigate the resort and find information. And no doubt Disney is already working on some map-based location tracking/beacon technology designed to improve the visitors experience.

But there’s also the immeasurable value of giving soon-to-be (or hope-to-be) visitors a way to explore the resort online, plan out their visit, and get super excited!

After all, a big part of the fun of a Disney visit is the anticipation, right?

Check out the Shanghai Disney interactive resort map.

3D Map of Disney Shanghai Resort

Zoom in close and you’ll be impressed by the detail of the buildings, grounds and attractions – particularly the famous Enchanted Storybook Castle.

Enchanted Storybook Castle of Shanghai Disneyland

Photo Courtesy of Fayhoo

The Shanghai Disney Resort’s 3D interactive map includes the ability to explore the full Disney Shanghai Resort, Disneytown shops, dining and The Lion King drama (How do you say “hakuna matata” in Mandarin?), Wishing Star Park, Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, the Toy Story Hotel, and more to come.

There are a lot of lessons that can be learned by watching how cutting-edge companies like Disney use 3D mapping, wayfinding tools, virtual tours and interactive media to engage and assist their visitors.

Here are a few:

Certain people are more comfortable visiting a location when they have seen an interactive map.

They can now visualize the layout, helping them get oriented and navigate their way around. This certainly applies to resorts where the often large quantities of people can be disorienting. But it also applies to health centers – helping patients and other visitors reduce overall anxiety about an upcoming visit. Convention centers, hotels, parks, and many other locations can benefit from the use of interactive maps as a powerful digital marketing and engagement tool.

Interactive maps can serve a number of different purposes.

Digital, print and other media – the opportunities are many. If you jump around on the Shanghai Disney Resort site, you’ll notice how Disney integrates map snapshots. Look down the right side of the TRON Lightcycle Power Run web page and you’ll see it. Clicking on that snapshot takes you to the larger map, where you can see the TRON ride in the context of the full resort’s layout, and also click to open a text bubble with information about the ride such as minimum height, open/close times, and more.

Often anticipated vs. actual interactive map usage is quite different.

Sure, guests on-site are accessing the map on their smartphones to find their way around, and soon-to-be guests are checking things out from home to plan their visit. But it’s common to find that staff, vendors (e.g. deliveries and service), event planners, tour organizers – among many others – will be big fans of your interactive map, too.

Our recently announced atlas3D interactive mapping and media platform was designed specifically for these applications. atlas3D 3D mapping and interactive media software makes it incredibly easy for one or an army of administrators to present your space in stunning detail and with engaging media, allowing guests, visitors and customers to explore your space.

We’d welcome the chance to provide a demo profiling how facilities like yours – from health centers, arenas, resorts, transit centers, senior living communities, economic development agencies, commercial real estate firms, and more, are better meeting the needs of their visitors, staff and others with atlas3D’s unique interactive map and media capabilities.

Contact us today to schedule a demo.