Interactive Maps Enhance Campus Communications

May 22, 2017 by Sam Slater

Successful communications are essential to a thriving campus, and whether this communication is internal or external, it’s always important to communicate a clear and unified message. Campusbird’s interactive maps allow school communicators to use a single source for conveying information outward to the general public or visitors, as well as inwards to faculty and students.

Kate Jeracki, Internal Relations, CSU

“Having this map, which is beautiful, as well as interactive has been extremely useful to embed in our stories that we send out online and through our website.

“Every time you play with it there’s something new that you find. One of my goals is to make sure that everybody in a forward-facing, public-facing front desk position in the University pulls up the map when somebody calls. We get lots of calls from the public, to say, ‘where can I find…,’ and if we have the map in front of us, we can find where the office for Biology would be. We can then send the link to the caller, if they have email, and they can use it on their own to actually find what they need.”

Martha Coleman, Facilities Management, CSU

“I think that our community, state and nation, everyone used to get information from a couple of newspapers, or a news station, or a radio station, and they just had a few places that they would go to get information. Paper maps were also often how they would learn to navigate around, especially if they went to a new place, but now with the internet and all the resources on the web, there are folks who get their information from 20-50 sources if they really thought about it.

“So having an interactive map for CSU that pulls together a variety of information in one spot, I think people find it really useful. I think it’s a good tool for us to use and get out into people’s hands and on their desktops”

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