A College Prep Day School: All Saints Episcopal School

Improving On-Campus Traffic Routes

With so many schools on one campus, efficiency comes at a premium. Parents needed to know where to pick-up/drop-off their children. There was no easy way to communicate the locations and on-campus routes which led to traffic jams with morning and afternoon inefficiency. That is where a virtual campus map comes in handy, because all those issues can be solved. Using the integration of Campus Bird, create a map to help with campus wayfinding so no one can get frustrated and lost again. All Saints Episcopal School also wanted a marketable map with their school’s colors and logo for consistent branding across their web presence.

Tools to Organize and Inform

Concept3D proved to be the best solution for All Saints’ Episcopal as they could use our virtual campus map to display carpool lanes for all four schools on campus. To help parents that have not visited before, you can use Tour Builder to showcase the campus without even being there. Now mornings are much more efficient with designated on-campus routes, along with all other important locations marked for student, parents and visitors.

In addition All Saint’s Episcopal School can now attract prospective students by projecting their prestigious reputation with a beautiful campus map.

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