Clients & Samples Maps

August 13, 2020 by Sam Slater

Concept3D has created interactive 3D maps and virtual tours for over a decade. The Client and Sample Maps aggregate all that work through custom digital maps. 

Clients Map

The Client Map, also known as Map of Maps, puts all of Concept3D’s clients on a map, custom digital maps

There are 3 categories: Education, Enterprise, and 360° Tour.

Concept3D has served the education community since 2011 making the Education category the most robust. It is broken down by school type: Business Schools, Community Colleges, Independent Schools, International, Medical Schools, Private Universities, Public Universities, Religious Universities, and Technical Universities. 

The Enterprise category is probably the most diverse. It ranges from retirement communities to economic development, convention centers to hospitals. It is worth the time to click through the locations. 

Lastly, is the 360° Tour category. These are all the clients that are utilizing our flagship virtual tour, 360° Tour.

Samples Map

To ensure we are always on the leading edge of interactive maps, 3D rendering, and virtual tours our internal teams are always pushing our platform. The Samples Map is the collection of these experimental maps.

The map is set-up by industry: Entertainment|Events, Healthcare, Hotels|Travel, Retail, and Services. 

How the Maps work

When you click on a location it will open a location button to take you to the map. You will load another interactive map of the location you clicked. 

If you have questions or see a use case that could help your business, please contact us!

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