How Retirement Communities Can Benefit from Interactive Maps

March 23, 2017 by Sam Slater

Modern technology is reaching more people than ever. For retirement communities, this means that incoming residents and their families will come to expect digital conveniences as part of their community’s modern amenities. An exciting way to stay ahead of the curve is to incorporate interactive mapping into your online presence. With a population readily using smartphones, tablets, and laptops, there are numerous benefits to this. Here are some tips on how retirement communities can use interactive maps to better serve their customers.


Digital mapping kiosks can help your facility create a great first impression as residents arrive for a tour or family members come to visit their loved ones. An easy-to-use map helps them navigate the building or property confidently and removes any feelings of nervousness about needing to ask for help. With customizable walking directions, easy navigation from points A to point B create a safer environment for guests, residents, and staff. And anybody can use this technology to make it easy for visitors to find their way around. 




Setting up onsite mapping stations also appeals to residents with memory disorders, and helps everyone involved in the community navigate updates, areas undergoing maintenance, or find the location of activities and meetings with ease. atlas3D’s digital platform allows for quick updates to the map to mark areas of caution or highlight a specific hotspot.

VR-enabled maps allow customers to view your facility from the comfort of their own home.

Also appealing to potential residents is the ability to get to know the layout of the community in advance. This helps create a feeling of homecoming, or at the very least, of familiarity. They can learn about amenities, onsite activities and offerings, and get a general vibe of what their new home will be like.

Visiting relatives and friends have the ability to map their on-site journey before arriving. By simply stopping by your webpage, visitors can find the location of their family member’s unit, decide on a meeting point, or even locate nearby restaurants and attractions.

Take them a step further by providing a full virtual tour.

With 3D mapping, potential residents can virtually wander the property and learn their way around. Show off the amenities and conveniences that separate your retirement community from the rest by including text and images for different stops along the tour. Highlight dining rooms, lounging areas, fitness centers, or open spaces. Nearby points of interest such as golf courses, shopping centers, and transportation points can be noted and showcased as well.


Virtual tours are particularly important for showing residents the location of healthcare facilities or stations, and making sure they know where to go or who to contact in the case of an emergency. 360 degree panorama images give them the ability to virtually walk the path they will need to take in such a situation. Florida’s Shell Point Retirement Community highlights their entire property via a simple to navigate virtual tour:

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