Showcasing Sustainability Through Interactive Maps

January 29, 2018 by Shane Gustman

USGBC-LA is an organization of people collaborating to transform Southern California into a more sustainable region. The organization offers various resources that give detailed answers about popular subjects of sustainability.

Their volunteers and members believe in a sustainable built environment, education, being exposed to innovation, and taking impactful action. USGBC-LA is the great resource to learn the “why”, “who” and “how” of living sustainably.

Using Concept3D’s technology, USGBC-LA has created an “ECO Map” that highlights “green buildings,” iconic city landmarks, transportation, and visitor information in the city of Los Angeles. The map also has two tours: one of the Figueroa Corridor and another of the most photographed landmarks in LA. The easy-to-use map was created to allow residents, visitors, government officials, staff and others an easy way to view and connect with the abundance of sustainable buildings, locations and projects across the greater LA area.

LA Green Buildings

The hundreds of green buildings featured on the ECO Map include environmental charter schools, Green Globes, ISI Envision, LA Green Business Program, LEED Certified, SavingsByDesign, STARS AASHE, and WELL Certified buildings. The buldings have received a special certification for having attained a certain level of environmental or sustainable standards. Each certification embodies a different meaning, however, when all of the green buildings are highlighted at the same time, the map is heavily decorated with icons for each building, which demonstrates the significant progress that USGBC-LA is making to move LA forward as a more sustainable and environmentally conscious city.

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