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Ryan Platt

June 10, 2012

5 Details Every Campus Map Should Have

From CampusBird Blog Locations, Landmarks, and ServicesCampus maps should include streets, buildings, parking lots, landmarks, safety information and services like printing, wi-fi, ATMs, etc. We recommend including popular, informal places such as quads,…

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Sam Slater

November 17, 2011

Google Earth Blog – Duke University unveils an excellent 3D Campus Map

From CampusBird Blog Similar to other colleges we’ve shown you in the past, such as Northeastern University, Duke University has just unveiled their new 3D campus map and it’s quite impressive. With the…

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Sam Slater

November 11, 2011

Interactive Map Reveals Duke In Many Dimensions

From CampusBird Blog Durham, NC – A visitor to Duke can now walk through gothic arches, take a peek inside Cameron Indoor Stadium and inspect stonework on Duke Chapel’s 210-foot tower without even…

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Sam Slater

July 29, 2011

Seeing Duke In 3-D

From CampusBird Blog Durham, NC – Chris Sardinas faced the front of Forlines House on Chapel Drive and panned a camera across the building from right to left, capturing 12 photographs of the…