Features Map, A Digital Map

August 7, 2020 by Sam Slater

What is the Features Map?

The Features Map provides an interactive experience of Concept3D’s features using, of course, Concept3D’s digital map and virtual tours.  It breaks into 4 parts samples, base map, additional features, and virtual tours. 


This category breaks into 4 sub-categories, enterprise, hospitality, healthcare and higher ed, the four umbrella industries Concept3D serves. Under each sub-category selecting the location will automatically navigate you to that sample. For example, under enterprise, if you select ‘Data Center’ you will be zoomed to California. 

Base Map

Everything included with an interactive map software license with notes on some additional options. Concept3D’s mapping software is really powered by the content management system (CMS).  The CMS is where categories and locations are managed and this is just the beginning of the CMS. The Features Map highlights Map Tours virtual tours, text-only-map for accessibility, and the numerous ways to share and show the interactive map for every stakeholder and channel. Map tiles are the very beginning of the base software, Google or OSM, map tiles but this category highlights 3D renderings beyond the base license.

Additional Features

From integrations to custom overlays, the additional features category highlights the options available to make the map more customized and interactive. 360° panoramas and overlays add more angles and visualization opportunities. The content category features all the ways content can be made more interactive or accurate within the 3D map. Live data integrations allows the map to update automatically from the source whether it is ArcGIS or live bus feeds. The map sub-category covers some of the powerhouses of our interactive map including our wayfinding capabilities and space planning details.  

Virtual Tours

The Features Map while a digital map also illustrates our virtual tour capabilities. Concept3D offers two virtual tours Map Tours which are included in the base map. Our other virtual tour, our flagship virtual tour is 360° Tour. The final category breaks down the tour itself and Tour Builder the content management system that powers 360° Tour. Then there is the ‘Tours’ tab which is part of the base map because while Concept3D offers two types of virtual tours our clients have a range of other virtual tours from the homegrown to ones made by one of our competitors and we want to make our interactive map as functional as possible for our clients and their end-users. Within the Tours tab on the Features Map, there are two 360° Tours, a virtual tour equivalent of the Features Map, and a hotel virtual tour with 360° rendered panoramas. There is also a higher education sample Map Tour within the Tours tab.

The Features Map was created to show the functionality and interactively of the Concept3D platform with our platform. Very meta. 


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