Wheelchair Wayfinding

‘Best Possible Route’ is the gold standard in wayfinding directions, though, it is different for every person. To allow for inclusivity Concept3D has wheelchair accessible routes within its wayfinding tool. By selecting wheelchair accessible routes the wayfinding route will be the best possible route for someone in a wheelchair, customizable for indoor mapping and exteriors. 


Digital Accessibility for Screen Readers

For anyone who requires a screen reader digital accessibility is an issue close at hand. Concept3D takes digital accessibility into account in our software development. Since 2017 the Concept3D interactive map and Maps Tours have had ARIA tags, starting 2019 360° Tours also has ARIA tags throughout. In additional to ARIA tags Concept3D software includes:

  • Text-Only-Map
  • Elemental search results
  • Alerts users of sidebar items are open/closed
  • Boundary alerts
  • Copy alerts

Customization for Accessibility

Concept3D’s content management system (CMS) is the power behind our digital maps and virtual tours. This holds true for accessibility and inclusion.

The CMS is where clients manage all their locations and categories. “Accessibility” is the 2nd most common category among Concept3D clients, only the “Buildings” category appears on more maps. Concept3D believes that knowing the ‘where’ is just as important as the ‘what’ and knowing where resources like curb cuts, elevators, power doors, and accessible parking is critical. Customing the interactive map to show these resources better helps those who need them to find them. 

Color, for most color is an afterthought when using a map but for those with colorblindness coloring and shading can make a map unusable. The CMS has dozens of style options for coloring from the 3D rendering themselves to the base map tiles to the color of lines to put the power in the clients’ hands to make their map effective and beautiful.