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Concept3D can be an integral part of your school’s fundraising campaigns. Previews of proposed buildings can be rendered by our artists and placed on your map so donors are able to visualize your campus’ future. New construction can also be rendered, so new and existing students get a first look at new dormitories or facilities before they’re built.

"The goal of our map project here at Hope College was to show our audiences just how beautiful this campus is. We know that many of them will spend time on our campus, but there’s so many of those in-between moments when they need to access directions or see photography and beauty of the campus and really get to know this place. So our goal was to bring together in one place, all of that content.”
-Hope College

A Concept3D map, powered by our content management system is an investment that can maximize the potential of many different departments at your school. Our team will work closely with your school to drill down to a scope that’s compatible with your budget.


Catholic University of America is a prestigious university that enrolls over 6,500 students and has been ranked as one of the nation’s best colleges by the Princeton Review. Rich in Catholic architecture, CUA has so much to offer, creating a challenge to bring this beauty to a virtual environment for visitors and prospective students.

Concept3D was honored to tell Catholic University of America’s story using media, creative virtual tours, and easy access to information. With historical photos, CUA created a historical tour for visitors to envision campus decades ago. Global programs, green initiatives, and ADA accessible routes on campus were each able to be highlighted. With our platform, CUA now has all the tools they need to create an engaging experiences to be shaped and over time.

At The Catholic University of America, we were looking to build our reputation as a national Catholic university with a web presence that accurately reflects the excellence of our school. We also wanted to show the we have an incredibly beautiful 176-acre campus in the heart of the city of Washington, D.C. CampusBird delivered a first-class interactive map that enabled us to achieve both of those goals.”
                -Bart Pollock, Web Content Editor

@IWantSimple  A big part of our process is about validation and details, but speed to market is also key. Make it simple!

John Smith

@IWantSimple  A big part of our process is about validation and details, but speed to market is also key. Make it simple!

Jane Smith

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Concept3D online campus experience is perfect for private colleges and universities looking to set themselves apart from their competition. With immersive virtual tours, 360° panoramas, and detailed 3D campus renderings, our platform is a proven recruitment tool that is indispensable in an increasingly competitive higher education market. Take a look at some of the private institutions we’ve partnered with and learn why they chose Concept3D to bring their campus to life.

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