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At large colleges and universities, various departments utilize a school map, but often they find it difficult building and maintaining a single map instance. With its customizable mapping capabilities, Concept3D's software fulfills the different needs of each department. Our content management system offers a virtual tour and map customizer to address the needs and concerns for each department on your campus including, marketing, admissions, web, IT, and facilities.

We are prepared to deliver an immersive online campus experience while working within the constraints of your school’s budget. Our fascinating 3D renderings work for marketing just as well as with accessibility and security for facilities.

Concept3D works within a competitive pricing structure to create a school campus map with wayfinding and marketing tools for your campus.


ASU challenged the Concept3D development team in many ways, resulting in the map and tour platform to have faster performance, improved API key, and overall, a more powerful software platform available to all institutions.

“Concept3D is the authoritative source of information for all departments”
         Grady Moore, Project Manager IT – ASU

Arizona State is the largest university in the United States with a total enrollment of over 80,000 students and over 3,000 faculty members. As the largest school in the nation, any technology ASU implements must be robust enough to handle large amounts of traffic as well as an accessible tool for all departments on campus.

Even with a talented in house IT team, ASU quickly realized it would take a massive scope of research, development, and money to create something usable enough for the future. 

Concept3D and ASU treated this particular project as a true partnership — which we encourage with all institutions. One of many benefits that ASU found post-implementation of the Concept3D platform was the time saved with the use of the print map generator. Allowing unlimited customizable print maps to be created on-the-fly opened up resources for ASU. With their large university came with a large amount of content. Which then turned the Concept3D CMS into the hub of all that vital information

Our higher education clients and partners previously knew us as “CampusBird.” As we grew the platform for both higher education and our enterprise clients, we took care to ensure both were able to take full advantage of all the features of the platform. So, we brought everything our higher education partners loved about CampusBird and integrated it all together into one platform – Concept3D – enabling us to offer more features and solutions to everyone.

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State colleges and universities tend to have one problem in common: how to make navigating a sprawling campus simple. Concept3D is ready to do everything your existing static map can’t. With deep interactivity, smart wayfinding features, and limitless content, our platform is a complete online campus experience. 

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