Hope College – Andrew Meyers Video

Hope College’s Andrew Meyers Talks About How Concept3D Reaches and Impacts Prospective Students

OHSU – Video

OHSU Talks About Using Concept3D for Wayfinding and Reducing Visitor Anxiety


Texas A&M’s Michael Green Talks About Using Concept3D for Admissions

“The new virtual campus map is particularly helpful to showcase our campus to prospective students and families who are not quite ready or able to physically visit campus. International students are a great example of a group who typically do not visit our campus before enrolling, but really value getting a birds-eye view of the place they’re considering calling home.” 

“When you look at the quality of what CampusBird produces, there’s just nothing we could have done in-house. We looked at the market – [Concept3D] was far and away the industry leader, and with the experience they have with the other universities they’ve worked with, it was a no-brainer that we work with them.”

“The biggest challenge for [Claremont Graduate University] was lack of a centralized map system entirely. Roughly 30 different maps existed on our website pre-[Concept3D], created by various departments to meet their own needs.”

“We want Rice to be a welcoming destination for art, music, lectures, food, athletic events, lectures – a great place to visit just to enjoy the beauty of our campus. [The Concept3D] mapping system will help people find those amenities and explore those opportunities.” 

“[Concept3D] allows us to combine a beautifully rendered 3D map with advanced software to create, manage and share interactive content and media with our visitors and campus community.”

“I’ve been working with campus maps for many years. When we found [Concept3D], we knew it was the right fit for CSU. Students, parents and staff love the 3D map, and the interactive media draws in visitors and gets them exploring the campus. [Concept3D] is essentially a map-based information hub that any department can use.” 

“We love the interactive capabilities of the map. The fact that we can provide all types of views makes it even better. The addition of adding floors and room numbers make it easy for users to find their locations.”

“At The Catholic University of America, we were looking to build our reputation as a national Catholic university with a web presence that accurately reflects the excellence of our school. We also wanted to show the we have an incredibly beautiful 176-acre campus in the heart of the city of Washington, D.C. [Concept3D] delivered a first-class interactive map that enabled us to achieve both of those goals.”

“We needed to replace our 2-dimensional, flat, hard to understand and not at all customizable/interactive map system we had been using since it was created. [Concept3D] seems to fill the need precisely. It is editable, custom, and represents the lay of the land so that visitors can easily navigate our campus.”

“Our new [Concept3D] map has something for everyone. It helps current students navigate to class on their first day, locate shuttles stops or find the closest dining hall…Parents and guardians are able to find their child’s residence hall and important buildings during visits, and faculty/staff can use the map to locate parking, navigate construction and find technology help desks. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our students, faculty and staff.”

“Coming to a hospital or university for an interview is stressful enough. And we find that having this style of map helps us really reduce the anxiety of people coming. They can get a very clear visual of where they’re headed and get a good picture from a combination of the 3D visuals that we’ve created and the 360 degree panoramic images. So they really know what to expect when they arrive on campus and where they’re going.”

“I like the [contact points]. We get at least 1-5 names each week which adds up.”

“We’ve had a lot of construction over the past few years. The new map is able to show what the final versions of the new buildings will be. That is very helpful.”

“Campus changes are being added to the map on a much faster pace and much better price point!”

“We’re really loving our experience with the map, and have seen some great engagement through our analytics. Thank you Will and to your team for all of your help!”

“Your team has gone above and beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work to meet our deadline.”

“I would definitely recommend [Concept3D] for anyone looking to take the next step in what Google Maps does not provide for your campus.”

“You provide the product and we get to look good.”

“[Concept3D]’s proven track record in enhancing the campus maps of colleges across the country, along with their easy-to-use and customizable map management application, are what convinced us that this was the tool we needed to really give our map a makeover.”

“The best part of [Concept3D] for us is integration with the other college’s maps of Claremont. We host many events that encompass multiple campuses, and the students love to be able to see where everything is from student housing down through the southern most college campus.”

“Thank you! This has been an extraordinary experience working with you, Gregg and your team. This is going to be a great service to USD and I know it will continue to grow.”

“We save anywhere from two to four hours a day with the PrintMap Generator.”

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