Simplify Space Planning With New 3D Panorama Feature

October 15, 2019 by Tim Wiedeman

We are excited to announce the launch of our new 3D Panorama feature, which integrates into our interactive map and virtual tour platform. The new feature is designed to replace cumbersome, static practices. Instead of having to physically set up rooms with multiple layout options and take photos – or providing basic, 2D sketches – the 3D Panorama Feature makes it easy to provide a host of different space layout options so potential clients, staff and others can easily explore and understand the best space layout to suit their needs. 


The Hawaii Convention Center and the Colorado Convention Center are among the first to integrate the 3D Panorama feature into their maps. The Hawaii Convention Center uses 3D Panoramas to showcase different rooms with a variety of layouts, such as banquet hall, classroom, or theater sets, offering event planners the ability to easily select the right approach for their event. The Hawaii Convention Center’s three large exhibit halls –  that can be used for sporting events or tournaments – are now featured in 3D Panoramas for basketball, futsal, and volleyball setups. 

“The cross-industry potential for the 3D Panorama application is huge, and while we’ve had immediate interest from Convention Centers and event needs, we anticipate the new feature will also appeal to higher education, businesses, real estate, and other Concept3D clients,” said Gordon Boyes, CEO, Concept3D. “Once your clients and staff have experienced how much the 3D Panoramas can simplify the process of space planning – and make the spaces more appealing and easier to understand – it will be hard to go back.”


Meal Ticket, a company that supports a network of foodservice distributors, manufacturers, and operators by providing cloud-based sales, marketing and analytics software, has also benefited by integrating the 3D panorama technology. Meal ticket uses this feature as a sales and marketing tool to encourage trade show attendance for their clients. The company uses 3D Panoramas because they can easily be changed or slightly altered for the specific trade show or event that Meal Ticket is promoting. Meal Ticket’s panoramas not only have detailed trade show booths, but also have rendered people walking around the space, bringing it to life. 

“The 3D Panoramas from Concept3D make it easy for our prospective clients to visualize the trade show experience together with the support we provide and to quickly update spaces for different events and needs,” said Wink Jones, CEO, Meal Ticket. “The panoramas have been an extremely beneficial tool for us, and they look great.”


The 3D Panoramas feature is an add-on system to our platform, and can be toggled on and off by the user, allowing them to explore a space from a bird’s eye view, find a space that works, and scan through the layout options presented in 3D Panoramas. 

Reach out to us and learn more about this feature today!

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