General Questions

What assets are required to create a 3D model of my building(s)?

Building descriptions and dimensions, interior dimensions if purchasing interiors. Photographs and videos.

Why is Concept3D better than a Google Map?

Google Maps are great - we use them as a base layer for some of our interactive maps. But just as a base layer. The value and interactivity comes as we layer of platform and your data over it. This allows for customization opening the possibilities for increased value and functionality of the Google Map base.

Why wouldn't I develop an interactive map in-house?

There are great resources out there that allow someone develop their own map but all require skill and time. Concept3D makes interactive maps and virtual tours with the latest in technologies and information accessible without a development team.

Concept3D is the one hosting, updating software and continually improving so you do not have to.

Does using Concept3D software require any coding knowledge?

Explore our quiver of videos ranging from tool tutorials all the way to customer reviews of working with our product.

CMS Questions

Can I create permissions levels for different contributors within the CMS?

Yes, as a CMS Admin you can create unlimited roles. Creating different roles allows for only certain things to be edited and changed by specific users. There is no restriction on users.

Can I print maps?

Sometimes you do need something to hold in your hand. Our 3D renderings are well-designed, detailed, and can be incorporated into wayfinding signage or printed for marketing materials. Guests can print at home and companies can produce maps or models for distribution.

I have an app, can I integrate the map into an app?

Yes, it can be integrated into an app. Additionally, some widgets and apps can be embedded into your interactive maps.

How many layers can I create within the Content Management System?

Taking added media and selected features you can use the CMS to create unlimited virtual tours and VR-enabled tours. Every client has a dedicated client service manager to help if needed in creating these additional layers.

What types of media and features can be overlaid onto the map?

We start by creating 3D renders, then layer those on top on Open Street Map. Then depending on features selected these additionally these can be layered: photos, videos, live feeds and 3rd-party integrations, 360 photospheres, calls to actions, directions (both live and printable).

Technical Questions

Is Concept3D mobile-friendly?

Yes. It has a responsive design and HTML5 to present its maps across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Is Concept3D compliant with Section 508?

Yes, we offer a text-only version of the map as part of the monthly subscription to meet 508 compliance. This version is screen reader enabled and does not use any Javascript.

Which web browsers and devices are supported?

We support Chrome 25+, Firefox 20+, Safari 6+, and Internet Explorer 8+.

How can the map be embedded within my site?

Your map, along with map tour and 360° tour features, can be embedded through an iFrame.

Are you able to gather analytics of usage of the map?

At the most basic level, we provide Google Analytics data. However, depending on the features selected, you can also collect specific information on visitors and solicit specific businesses.

Is the Concept3D platform cloud-based?

Yes, our service is hosted on Amazon Web Services


Still have questions?

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