NAIS – How K-12 Schools Use Interactive Campus Maps

March 3, 2016 by Sam Slater

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Think interactive campus maps are just for higher ed? Think again! Learn how K-12 schools use interactive campus maps find many uses. 

Key takeaways from National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) Annual Conference. NAIS is a non-profit association comprised of more than 1,500 independent private K-12 schools in the United States and abroad.

The event brought together more than 5,500 marketing directors, teachers and heads of schools from across the country. It was a great opportunity to share how CampusBird’s interactive, 3D mapping platform serves as an effective marketing tool, campus tour creator and way-finding device for schools nationwide. It was a great opportunity to share how CampusBird’s interactive, 3D mapping platform serves as an effective marketing tool, campus tour creator and way-finding device for schools nationwide.

As an organization, NAIS seeks to “empower independent schools and the students they serve” by providing them with a multitude of resources, including: research and trend analysis, leadership and governance guidance, and professional development opportunities.

Here are a few of the example of how CampusBird is being used to help K-12 schools:

Fort Worth Country Day School, a private school, is a great example of a K-12 institution benefiting from CampusBird’s interactive campus mapping platform. FWCD clearly understands the importance of engaging website visitors with interactive content that highlights the best of its campus and student life, and the school offers drone flyover videos, virtual tours and its CampusBird interactive campus map, located here.

The All Saint’s Episcopal School in Fort Worth is also a CampusBird innovator. School administrators use their interactive campus map to provide detailed information about athletic, event and other facilities, campus-wide handicap accessibility and parking, and they’ve even gone so far as to include loading docks so delivery persons can make use of the map. Smart! Visit their interactive map here.

Are you K-12 marketing director, school head, teacher and/or decision maker?

We know you have a tough job and budgetary constraints that require smart technology decisions that will benefit all campus departments and those you serve.

Since 2009, CampusBird has been the leading provider of interactive mapping solutions for educational institutions. More than 250 schools of all size use CampusBird’s mobile-ready platform to help students, parents, alumni and visitors (on and off campus) engage with 3D interactive maps, virtual tours, 360-degree panorama shots, and a host of other tools.

CampusBird’s elegant maps are backed by a powerful, easy-to-use content management system. The mobile-ready CampusBird platform can be live for your institution in four to eight weeks, and requires very little staff time (and no coding!).

Learn more about the products and benefits of CampusBird.

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