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What 1+ Million Views Looks Like 

Southern Hospitality: University of Mississippi

Data Integrations – Live Cameras

Campus maps are not just for visitors but also for current students and staff. Ole Miss does an expert job of making their map for both which is evident by the hundreds using the map daily. Ole Miss’s interactive map shows the lines at the coffee shop, on-campus restaurants, construction areas, convenient stores, and major thoroughfares of campus. 

Ole Miss integrated 14 live feed cameras on all over their busy campus. The cameras help with traffic flow and showcase on-campus activity.


"The map’s ability to integrate video within campus tours is also one of the best features that allow us to showcase our campus beauty and what sets us apart from others." 

Ryan M. Whittington-Marketing & Brand Strategy Director
The University of Mississippi

The virtual campus map not only looks great but is easy to use. Our users and visitors often comment on how pretty the map looks.

Robby Sietz- Webmaster
The University of Mississippi

The CMS makes integrating our data feeds a simple, easy process. We can update our content feed once and it updates within the CMS and our map simulatanously.

Robby Sietz- Webmaster
The University of Mississippi

Take Virtual Campus Tours 

Ole Miss created two Map Tour virtual tours for visitors to explore their campus:

The Tree Trail shows all the various “trees of interest”

The Ole Miss Video Tour is an in-depth video campus tour of their “Most Beautiful Campus

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