A Private Roman Catholic University: University of San Diego

Large Campus, Small Solution

University of San Diego had difficulty representing all the content and information that the University needed to share. Prior to implementing Concept3D Maps & Tours, USD was using a static map with little information other than building names.

“We needed a solution that would provide an easy installation process as well as continued updates. With only one person dedicated to the map, ease of management was a must.” -Michael O’Brien, Senior Director of Library & Web Services, University of San Diego

This led to an experience that left visitors, both online and on-campus, wanting more. USD was determined to either build or buy a platform that they could control, while also purchasing a solution that could appropriately represent their campus aesthetically.

“Your team has gone above and beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work to meet our deadline.”

Sam Cooc
University of San Diego

“Thank you! This has been an extraordinary experience working with you, Gregg and your team. This is going to be a great service to USD and I know it will continue to grow.”

University of San Diego

A Dynamic Platform for the Future

With so many students taking advantage of various programs, athletic opportunities, and of course the beautiful city of San Diego, the university needed a more robust platform.

We worked with USD to create detailed floor plans of their facilities on their Concept3D map, to help students and visitors find their way around campus more easily.

In addition, they implemented our Wayfinding feature that gives guests their path from point A to B on campus. With these efforts, USD has now implemented a richer virtual experience with tours, wayfinding and interiors.

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