Mass General Hospital Launches atlas3D-Powered Interactive Campus Map

March 21, 2017 by Jennifer Gombeski

concept3D is excited to announced that Massachusetts General Hospital has launched a new interactive campus map powered by our atlas3D platform. 

With atlas3D, the Massachusetts General Hospital’s campus is built atop Google Maps in detailed, 3D models and navigable by desktop and mobile, giving online visitors the ability to find their way to the campus, locate parking, and get walking directions.

The interactive map also includes restaurants, hotels, and amenities around Mass General, as well as on-campus dining, wheelchair accessible routes and entrances, pharmacies, transportation and other items. The map can be searched and personalized links sent to people to help them find their way to specific destinations.


“Having atlas3D bolsters Mass General’s ability to serve its patients and visitors,” said concept3D Vice President of Business Development, Bob O’Melia. “Mass General has always been an innovator, and understands that the application of technology can significantly improve the overall visitor experience.”


Mass General’s successful incorporation of interactive maps is revealing as to how some unexpected companies benefit from concept3D’s intuitive 3D mapping software to improve their customer and client interactions. 

Other health care centers using atlas3D for interactive maps, virtual tours, wayfinding and more include Roswell Park Cancer Center, University of Texas Medical Branch and Oregon Health and Science University.

Learn more about concept3D’s interactive mapping and virtual tour technologies, also used by some of the most innovative retirement communities, universities, and convention centers, among others. 

Interested in learning how atlas3D can help your hospital? Contact us today. 


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