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Robert Johnson

March 4, 2020

6 Reasons to Showcase Your Office Space in Today’s Work Culture

The distributed workplace is no longer just a future vision. In today’s digital environment, it has become commonplace. Experts estimate that within a few years, the majority of American workers will work from…

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Darby Gelhard

Interactive Content – The Marketing Must of 2020

It seems like everything is interactive these days. Static content, no matter where you look, is becoming a thing of the past as audiences seek to take charge of the content they…

360° Tour3D RenderingsVirtual Reality

Brett Tesmer

The Differences Between and Marketing Implications of 3D, 360°, and VR Content

The world of marketing and digital content can be complex. It’s tempting to throw some jargon around in order to get budget or impress strategic planners. Terms like voice SEO, VR, AR,…

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Sam Slater

February 27, 2020

Trade Show Maps Need An Upgrade – Make Them Immersive

We’ve all seen them: static, hard-to-read, two-dimensional trade show maps. Trying to find booths can be confusing and take much longer than expected. Even large, technology focused trade shows have PDF floor…

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Sam Slater

February 25, 2020

Concept3D’s Most Innovative Higher Ed Campus Maps of 2019

We are excited to announced the winners of our first annual “Most Innovative Map” awards, drawing from 2019 higher education mapping programs, technology, and initiatives.  The awards recognize higher education institutions clients…

College Campus ToursVirtual Tour

Sam Slater

February 14, 2020

Do Virtual Tours for Higher Education Work?

Offering virtual tours – or at least some sort of interactive media – has become the norm for college and university campuses. But before diving into a whole new initiative, it’s a…