Virtual Tour

Tim Wiedeman

September 21, 2020

How Virtual Tours Can Enhance Your Virtual Recruitment

Recruiting, especially in competitive industries, is a complex game. It’s about much more than posting a job description and hoping for good candidates. Instead, you’ll need to get specific. Mainly, through the…


Sam Slater

September 17, 2020

Being an Accessibility Champion

Overview of Denver Startup Week session, Why Every Product Needs an Accessibility Champion

Interactive 3D MapVirtual EngagementVirtual Tour

Brett Tesmer

September 10, 2020

What’s New in Higher Education : Virtual Tours and Interactive Maps

Sources of leverages within 360 virtual tour and interactive map software for higher education.

360° TourDigital MapsShare Your Place

Tim Wiedeman

September 8, 2020

6 Core Business Challenges that Virtual Tour Software Can Solve

You know about virtual tours through real estate, showcasing properties and housing for sale. You might even have seen them in action at hotels, colleges, or hospitals, previewing the in-person visit experiences…

Campus MapDigital MapsVirtual Tour

David Mantelman

August 31, 2020

Using Google Analytics with Digital Maps

Google Analytics (GA) is a web-based service that allows the tracking and analysis of web traffic. Many parts of an organization can benefit from examining the data the tool provides and building…