3 Key Impacts 360° Tour and Interactive Maps Software Has During the Admissions Process

February 18, 2021 by Darby Gelhard

The Concept3D platform, interactive map and 360° Tour software, is a great way to immerse prospective freshmen in the life of your campus. You do not have to just take our word for it. In a 3rd party survey of 2020 freshmen provided insight on the impact of custom campus maps and virtual tours in applying and selecting their university.  Here are the 3 key findings.

1) 360° Tour Software Increase Applications

1 in 10 respondents ranked the virtual tour as the most important​ action they took in selecting what university they wanted to attend. If you don’t have a well-optimized virtual tour​, you could be missing out on several prospective students!

And it’s not just a few prospective students that interact with the digital map, over 83% of college applicants viewed the campus maps when selecting what schools to apply to. This number will likely only rise as the world continues to find digital solutions to in-person gatherings.

Freshman Survey

2) Custom Digital Maps Persuades Students to Attend

Once a prospective student is accepted the campus map is key. After being accepted 87.5 percent of the respondents view the campus maps. 

When you think about it this makes sense. They are picturing themselves on-campus and what student life will be like if they decide to attend. What possible dorms they might stay in and its proximity to what matters most to them, whether that is the football stadium or the science building. 

3) Improve the Move-In Process

The move-in process is notorious for being confusing and can leave a lasting first impression on your freshman class. Creating a custom digital map can make that first impression a good one. 88.5% of freshmen found move-in information on the campus map helpful. Is your campus map up to the task? Learn more about how you can ​improve your move-in day experience during COVID-19.​



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