What Do You – or Your Audience – Need to Know?

With live data integration, Concept3D data mapping software adds real-time data to your map to transform it into a dynamic repository of actionable information.

Data feeds connect virtual and reality, making the user experience more meaningful and complete.

Monitor your space in real-time. Grant visitors unprecedented access to wayfinding features and content that elevates their experience. Live data integration, including ArcGIS data and maps, gives your audience what they need to know.

Live Data Integration

Capitalize on The Internet of Things

If the data can be transmitted, we can track it and visualize it. Live data feeds allow you to monitor parking lot occupancy, bus timing and event-specific feeds with integrated event calendars. Join sensor data with a 3D representation of equipment to assess performance data and determine if in-person troubleshooting, maintenance or repair are required.

Live Data Integration

You’re in Control

Your map is a living application that can be rich with information or as simple as you need it to be. It’s under your control, but we’re here to help whenever you need us. Data integrations are not limited just to maps. With an Enterprise license or subscription, live data can be directly incorporated into a 360° Tour. Dedicated account managers are ready to answer any of your questions and can walk you through exactly how to make an interactive map and tour that suits your needs.

Seeing is Believing

See our technology come together in one seamless experience.

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