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People are curious by nature. Online tours let people explore and learn more about the important attributes or best-kept secrets of your location. To increase conversions and reinforce marketing, insert calls-to-action at strategic locations or create walking tours they can follow while they’re on-site. Concept3D’s 360° Tours can include embedded video and other custom interactions that compel people to take their next step in building a relationship with you.

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Tours for Your Industry and Objective

There’s a purpose for each tour – whether its building excitement for a trip or visit, taking the stress out of navigating a complex campus or showing a chief technical officer around your data center. Concept3D virtual tour software simplifies the process of creating virtual tours that are tailored to make the end experience as good as being there. Consider these advantages:

  • Hospitality industry businesses can customize tours for each target persona
  • Healthcare providers reduce the stress for patients, visitors and staff navigating facilities
  • Enterprises enhance employee on-boarding and take guesswork out of locating meeting rooms, the cafeteria or the company gym
  • Training is faster, more memorable and more cost-effective
  • Convention center operators distinguish themselves from competitors
  • Retirement community marketers give potential residents and their families peace of mind

The Right Technology for Each User — Map Tour vs. 360° Tour

All virtual tours on the Concept3D platform allow for VR. Controlling how “front and center” VR is to the end-user is critical for creating the right experience for them.

360° Tours are ideal for immersive tours that are meant to be viewed primarily through headsets, though they can also be viewed on mobile or desktop. 360° Tours are built around a 360° image that can seamlessly be viewed through VR goggles. There is a map, of course, to give the viewer the needed frame of reference, but it is not what the tour is focused on.

Map Tours are great for virtual tours that need to balance imagery and detailed information, including location. Map Tour virtual tours are built from a map then the imagery, including VR-capable 360° panoramas, is added. You can then add descriptions that give directions and details, and incorporate any other features into your Map Tour experience.

Case Studies

Mapping The Largest Public University in America: Arizona State University

State colleges and universities tend to have one problem in common: how to make navigating a sprawling campus simple.

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A College Prep Day School: All Saints Episcopal School

All Saints’ Episcopal School is a leading college preparatory day school in Fort Worth, TX. All Saints’ Episcopal School boasts an expansive 147-acre campus dedicated to all ages, from 3 years old to Grade 12.

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Southern Hospitality: University of Mississippi

1 million+ map views later, see the benefit that Ole Miss finds in Concept3D.  

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