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Virtual reality is taking job training to a whole new level. The result? Employees hone skills faster, tend to have more job satisfaction and can learn to deal with hazardous situations at no risk. Whether teaching someone to troubleshoot and repair equipment, how to safely handle a chemical spill or how to improve customer satisfaction, VR can give your company a competitive edge.

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Internal Education

When You Take Off the Headset

Internal training doesn’t necessarily need to be an immersive VR experience. A virtual map can help new employees understand the layout of corporate offices and the campus. Need to know where medical devices, fire extinguishers, safe rooms or fire-drill gathering locations are? Start with an interactive map, then take what’s learned into the real world.

Internal Education

Build Your Employer Brand

Showing off your place is core to creating a strong employer brand. Attracting the best candidates means being a place someone wants to work; virtual tours, maps and 3D renderings can make your culture come alive. Retaining the best talent calls for internal communication tools that engage people, no matter how long they have been onboard.

Case Studies

Mapping The Largest Public University in America: Arizona State University

State colleges and universities tend to have one problem in common: how to make navigating a sprawling campus simple.

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A College Prep Day School: All Saints Episcopal School

All Saints’ Episcopal School is a leading college preparatory day school in Fort Worth, TX. All Saints’ Episcopal School boasts an expansive 147-acre campus dedicated to all ages, from 3 years old to Grade 12.

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